Design, Infographics & Maps, Signs

Park Signs

Project details

City of Gaithersburg, MD

Parks, Recreation and Culture

Lead Graphic Designer

Samantha Sekellick


Design, Infographics & Maps, Signs

Discovery Park – Gaithersburg, Maryland

As the graphic design lead for this project, I was in charge of creating signage for the newly built Discovery Park. The first part of the project was to design two versions of a map that would be located at the west and east entrances.

Other Signage

An additional yard sign was requested to communicate about parking.

Pleasant View Park – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Pleasant View Park is a new park being built in 2023-2024 in the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland. In an effort to tell the history of the land, the Parks staff requested I design a history sign. When it was time to design the map, we found out that the structure built in the information area would allow for two horizontal signs to be aligned vertically. Therefore, I ended up merging the history sign and map sign into one vertical poster sign.

I also designed additional signs for other areas that matched the brand style.


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