Branding, Copywriting, Design, Events


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Branding, Copywriting, Design, Events

About This Project

The Internship & Job Servicers office at Hagerstown Community College was going to offer a series of student workshops.

The Challenge

To promote the workshops in a fun and engaging way.

The Solution

I created a theme as an umbrella for the different workshops and graphic pieces. I used the “Career Race” as the central concept. I rewrote the workshops’ names to create a story about an astronaut trying to launch his rocket as a metaphor for the different skills students need to develop to interview successfully for potential jobs.

Below is a summary of what I worked on for this project.

– Developed creative concept

– Designed graphic pieces

– Placed print material on campus

– Adapted graphic pieces for social media

– Created events on Facebook for each workshop

– Promoted the workshops on Facebook

– Took pictures during workshops and posted them on Facebook

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