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Lan Cargo – Client’s Award Ceremony


The Client

LAN Cargo is part of LAN Perú LATAM Airlines Peru, the national carrier of Perú based at Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport. LAN Peru is 49% owned by LATAM Airlines and is a part of the LATAM group of airlines, including LATAM Cargo, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, and LATAM Airlines Argentina. LATAM Airlines Peru is the dominant operator, with more than 70% of the Peruvian market share. The airline operates a regional network of services to destinations in Peru and South America and intercontinental services to North America and Spain.

The Challenge

Lan Cargo clients receive awards yearly to recognize their trust and use of the company’s services. The challenge was to create a unique award ceremony that was fun and entertaining for the audience.

The Solution

We picked a theme based on the location of the event. We selected Huaca Pucllana, an archaeological site in Miraflores, Lima-Peru. Its construction dates back to the fifth century and was an important ceremonial and administrative location for the Lima culture. Built with small adobe bricks wrought on a steady base of blocks and remodeled during the three centuries of Huaca’s existence, it offers a beautiful landscape for the exquisite Peruvian food restaurant built next to it. The Huaca was the perfect place to host this event.

Our host for the evening was Christina Ysla, a famous and well-known local actor who would play our Lan Cargo Shaman. He would call three different Inca gods through some ceremonies involving guests, and the gods would announce the winners.

I scripted and directed the following video clips, which would be part of the award ceremony. In these, Christian Ysla (our host) played the different gods. The original audio is in Spanish. You can turn on captions to see subtitles in English.

Behind the scenes – Video shooting

Behind the Scenes – Directing the Event

The Event

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