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Lan Values Campaign

The Client

LAN Peru is 49% owned by LATAM Airlines and is a part of the LATAM group of airlines, including LATAM Cargo, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, and LATAM Airlines Argentina. LATAM Airlines Peru is the dominant operator, with more than 70% of the Peruvian market share. The airline operates a regional network of services to destinations in Peru and South America and intercontinental services to North America and Spain.

The Challenge

Lan needed to communicate its values to their workforce and create engagement to generate good results in the Great Place to Work survey.

The Solution

We assigned a specific symbol to each value to help employees remember them. Each element was related to the value itself.

For the value of warmthness, we use orange for its warm color and as a symbol of energy. The messages were tailored to the concept and were slightly different for each piece.

The campaign for this specific value was launched with a team-building event for leadership. After the event, a series of graphic pieces were developed to help promote the value.

The campaign concluded in the end of the year employee celebration party. This yearly event was themed in a way that would reinforce the value of warmthness.

The Value of Warmthness

Launch Event – Warmthness Workshop

Graphic Pieces

Computer screen sticker 1: Warmthness is taking the time to recognize each other’s work.
Computer screen sticker 2: Warmthness is to give an opinion with respect for our differences.

Button 1: Hurrah to Warmthness
Button 2a: Warmthness is to start the day…
Button 2b: … with a smile

Candy bottle: Lan Multivitamin. Security. Self-improvement. Efficiency. Warmthness.

Notecard: Write the name of the person you think is the warmest

Mirror: You are the face of Lan. Showing your warmness is to make Lan the charm of flying. The best of you will always be a smile. Say hi with a smile, and offer friendly and attentive service.

Graphic Pieces in the Building

Reception Counter: You are the face of Lan. Your warmness makes Lan the charm of flying. You reflect the best of LAN.

Office Banner 1: Always keep a good disposition to help.
Office Banner 2: Attend to the requirements of your passengers and your co-workers with warmthness.

End of the Year Party – Latin Charm

Other Values

The other 3 values were promoted in similar ways. Each had its own “mascot.”

Other Values

Once the values were communicated, the kept being reinforced by featuring them in all related employee events. When we were asked to create an event for leadership, I used the values to identify the 4 mountain tops they were going to hike up to.

Awards Event – Stars up High

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