Storm Drain Art Project

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Arts and Culture Alliance

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Samantha Sekellick



Storm Drain Art Project

The Client

The Gaithersburg Parks, Arts and Recreation Corporation (G-PARC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that engages public & private partnerships, promotes awareness, and raises resources to support new & matured parks, arts & recreation initiatives in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The Challenge

The Gaithersburg Parks, Arts and Recreation Corporation (G-PARC) Art Alliance, in conjunction with the City of Gaithersburg Stormwater Management Program, created the Storm Drain Art Project, designed to bring attention to the importance of protecting our Chesapeake Bay watershed. The project required the creation of the contest including determining the rules, the launch, promotion, selection of jury, winners and coordination of the paint-out day.

Data Collection

The Arts Alliance met with Ana Arriaza, the project manager at the Montgomery County Storm Drain Art Program, who explained to us the process. She provided us with the paperwork they used, including rules and restrictions, release forms and FAQs which were adapted to our contest.


Yard Signs: I designed these yard signs to accompany the storm drain murals on location. The artist statements were translated into 4 of the most common spoken languages in Gaithersburg MD, English, Spanish, French and Korea.

Communications Campaign


During 2021, 2022, and 2023, I launched the contest through the City’s main communication channels. I wrote a press release, which was sent to the City’s media email list by the Communications and Public Engagement Office. During our second year, we were able to grab the attention of WCMA, and we were interviewed to talk about the contest.

The video below features b-roll taken by my husband Steven Sekellick who volunteered as a professional photographer and videographer during our first paint-out day. The video is also accompanied by a written article that you can read here.

Through some connections, I was able to get in contact with Kevin Kuzminski, a reporter from abc7 news who came to our paint-out day to interview our young artist. You can watch the original video and read the article here.


Digital Ads

We advertised on the City’s digital signage screens located at different facilities. In addition, I reached out to Montgomery County’s communications office, who gladly agreed to advertise on the front page of their website and internal digital signage screens.


Social Media

I created and directly managed a social media campaign featuring the winners with their certificates.

I contacted a reporter from abc7 who came to cover the paint-out day. You can read the article and watch the video here.

Carina Araujo interviewing with Kevin from abc7 news

Previous to the paint-out day I scripted the protocol for the event and created a detailed checklist of materials to bring. I also mapped the tasks that everyone in the team was in charge of.

This year I created a user-friendly way of selecting the winners for the juries. Using FIGJAM, an electronic whiteboard, I was able to offer an easy drag-and-drop format.

I recruited my husband who is a professional photographer and videographer to record the event. The photos can be found here.

Finally, I designed a coloring book with the designs of the winners and honorable mentions. The book was distributed during the book festival and was sent to elementary schools in the City.

Download the coloring book here

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